Do you need a wireless streaming device?

Define your use case

(1)Business or leisure?
The first thing you have to ask yourself is, are you looking for a media player to complete your home entertainment system? Or are you looking for a quality, reliable screen sharing solution that’s going to make you king of the conference room or classroom? (yeah, that’s a thing).

If you are looking for a media player, streaming devices like Chromecast, Roku, and Amazon Fire Stick are what you need. These devices have features designed for making your Netflix and chill days more relaxing.

If you need something for your office or classroom, however, these media players are missing features that make them suitable for work environments, especially if you want wireless streaming in every meeting room or classroom. Professional screen sharing solutions, like BiJie, offer you options for easy integration with your corporate network.

(2) What’s your budget for establishing a wireless display device and setup in your organization?
With a cabled connection, you get an instant picture with no delay, but it also comes with connectivity challenges and less control. A wireless solution is not just freeing yourself of cable-clutter and gaining easy connectivity from several devices. It comes with better overview, cloud management and access to digital signage.

If you do decide on a wireless streaming device, the primary functional device is rarely the only cost. What about all the other rooms where a wireless streaming solution is necessary? For many products on the market, installation and maintenance costs are high. Add to that monthly subscriptions on applications, rag mounts, antennas and trays, and you could still have a long way to go.