Are there any misconceptions about enterprise wireless projectors? At present, many enterprise conference rooms in

have begun to use enterprise wireless projectors, but many people still have many misconceptions about enterprise wireless projectors. Here are three common misconceptions.

error 1. Wireless projector is more expensive than wired. In the

conference room, in order to realize the switching between different presenters or signal sources, matrices or other audio and video devices are usually configured or integrated to realize the switching control of different contents. Generally, the selling price of such equipment ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan. It only needs several thousand yuan to switch quickly between different terminals.

in addition, if it is a wired line in a traditional conference room, hidden wiring is usually used for beauty. In case of line failure, the cost of replacement and maintenance will be relatively high, and the price of audio and video wires with long-distance, high-quality and stable transmission is not cheap.

error 2. The use of wireless projectors is troublesome. It is necessary to install software or drive

. Indeed, some products on the market, even hardware wireless projectors, generally need to install software and driver on the computer side to run, which many people find cumbersome. Sometimes, due to security software or compatibility problems, the equipment cannot operate normally. In fact, the Bijie multi screen cooperative projection terminal is a drive free wireless projection device.

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Bijie multi screen cooperative screen projection terminal is designed to be convenient + easy to use, zero learning cost, and wireless screen projection without the intervention of IT personnel.

error 3. The wireless projector is not stable and secure. Just like WiFi and 4G / 5G, the wireless projector sacrifices a little stability and security for ease of use and portability, but it is more than enough for daily meeting needs. As a professional wireless screen projection equipment, Bijie multi screen cooperative screen projection terminal has more stable and excellent screen projection effect and performance than wired screen projection, which is the only choice for enterprises.