Dual screen display, how to display multiple screens all the way when casting the screen wirelessly,

now the computer can also be set to dual screen mode, that is, one host can be linked to two screens. Our traditional computer with one to two dual screens is to connect the display screen on the computer mainframe through HDMI cable. The computer mainframe is plugged into the graphics card, that is, as long as we have a multi interface graphics card, we can easily make the computer multi screen display through HDMI cable. But how about a computer with two screens when the host is not connected? Today I’ll introduce it to you.


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connect the Bijie projection device to two screens through HDMI, and the mobile device directly projects the screen to the two large screens through wireless projection. In this way, there is no need to connect cables. Both computers and mobile phones can directly project the screen and double screen display.

Bijie multi screen cooperative projection device bj80 has HDMI out interface of main display screen and HDMI out interface of auxiliary display screen. Yes, bj80 supports two display modes: dual screen simultaneous display and dual screen differential display.

in the same display mode, the multi-channel screen projection device screen will be randomly assigned to the main / auxiliary screen display. You can drag one screen projection screen to another large screen display at will. When the touch icon enlarges any target screen, the two screens will display the projection screen synchronously in full screen. After use, the touch icon can reduce or eliminate the projection screen.


in the abnormal display mode, the two large screens will display different projection images. After clicking the switch button, the projection images displayed on the two large screens can be switched with each other; In addition, when the dual screen display function is used, the dual screen supports one screen projection content display and one screen electronic whiteboard writing. It is worth noting that in the abnormal display mode, the display images of the main and auxiliary screens are consistent when only one way of screen projection is available.


conference rooms use two large TV screens as display screens. Bijie multi screen cooperation intelligent terminal supports access to cameras and docking video conference software system. Bijie multi screen cooperation intelligent terminal is connected with two large display screens and video conference cameras respectively by HDMI cable.

in addition to the meeting room, the multi-function classroom or smart classroom can also use the scheme of double screen display.