Dual Screen – How to set up a dual screen computer?

How to display dual screens on a computer? At first, I thought it was our traditional way of setting up a computer with two display screens. However, it’s not the case. Users display their computers on different conference room projectors simultaneously to train new employees. Finally, the customer service informed the customer of the [one to many] screen projection solution, thus solving the problem.


How can a computer have dual screens?

I would like to share with you our traditional practice of pairing a computer with two display screens. Taking Win10 system PC as an example:

1. A typical computer’s graphics card interface consists of VGA and HDMI, which connect an external monitor to the computer’s graphics card interface.

2. Click on 【 Control Panel Options】 with the mouse, and right-click on the desktop. Click on 【 Display Settings】.

3. Select “Expand these displays” in the “Multiple displays” column, and click on the second gray option with the mouse.

4. Select this gray screen to display another screen setting, such as adjusting brightness level, orientation, multi display type, advanced display settings, etc

5. The type of multiple displays needs to be set to “Expand these displays”, click on “Advanced Display Settings”, and the resolution should be the same as the first one.