What is Flipped classroom?

Flipped classroom is a smart classroom solution that aims to readjust the time inside and outside the classroom and transfer the decision-making power of learning from teachers to students. In this teaching mode, the valuable time in the classroom enables students to focus more on active project-based learning, jointly study and solve the challenges of localization or globalization and other real-world problems, so as to obtain a deeper understanding.

Teachers no longer occupy the classroom time to teach information, which requires students to complete autonomous learning before class. They can watch video lectures, listen to podcasts, read enhanced e-books, discuss with other students on the network, and check the required materials at any time. Teachers also have more time to communicate with everyone.

Flipped Classroom teaching mode classroom has become a place for interaction between teachers and students and between students, including answering questions, using knowledge and so on, so as to achieve better education effect. The popularization of the Internet and the application of computer technology in the field of education make the flipped classroom teaching mode feasible and realistic.


Smart Classroom Solution:

The multi-screen interactive solution for education in the field launched by BiJie Networks fully considers the demands of teachers and students in protocol support and functional design, and is compatible with Airplay, Miracast, WiDi, ChromeCast and BJCast (self-developed) projection protocols. Teachers and students can quickly cast the screen of a mobile phone or PC to the large-screen display device wirelessly.