With the continuous development of multimedia teaching, teachers put forward higher requirements for the application of multimedia assisted teaching. The research shows that many new problems are also exposed in the process of using multimedia classroom for teaching, such as frequent switching between slides and blackboard writing in front of blackboard and multimedia podium, which limits the exertion of teachers’ classroom teaching ability; The large amount of courseware information leads to the stacking of content, which makes it difficult for students to digest and understand the teaching content; The “intermittent” display of courseware breaks the connection between the front and back of the teaching content; Teachers stick to the content of courseware too much and become a disguised “full house”.

in view of these existing problems, Bijie has constructed a new four screen interactive teaching system solution, and made a beneficial exploration and attempt in the teaching mode and classroom construction, in order to provide a reference solution for the construction of intelligent classroom.

four screen interactive technology is based on the desktop wireless projection technology of the operating system. The traditional teaching software can only adapt to one screen and achieve full screen display and operation within the scope of one desktop. The four screen interactive teaching software adds judgment and processing in the case of multiple screens in the software logic. When the device is connected to multiple screens, the software will establish a software window that can cover the display space of multiple screens, so as to make full use of the existing display space. With the dual screen teaching software, the contents displayed on the two screens can be controlled at will, which makes the application of this technology in the field of teaching possible.


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realize the multi screen interaction between the large screen of the classroom podium and the screen of the student group through the switching between different teaching modes, so as to realize a demand for smart teaching of teachers in the future smart classroom, so as to launch the [smart classroom scheme]. Aiming at the interactivity and bidirectional of the smart classroom, this scheme integrates “two-way interaction, multi screen display and intelligent control”. It is mainly composed of “teacher teaching mode”, “group discussion mode” and “centralized display mode”. Between different modes, teachers can control in real time by installing [intelligent management system] on Android tablets and windows computers.