Game projection and wireless projection help you play games on the large screen.

game has always been one of the pastime and entertainment methods of users. Most people will buy some game consoles to connect with the TV, so as to play exciting games on the large screen, but the expensive money is a headache. In this case, the game consoles slowly withdraw from the user’s vision. In contrast to the current mobile games, under the leadership of the head game manufacturers, More and more high-quality mobile games appear, among which the hot e-sports game king glory and exciting battlefield are the best examples.


, so users think why not use the best game console at hand to play the games you love? Today’s mobile phones also support TV projection, which can be seamlessly connected like a switch. The mobile phone acts as a handle and the TV acts as a display. This experience is what we pursue. As a professional manufacturer of wireless projection solutions, Bijie projection allows mobile phones to connect to TV wirelessly, which is more free than the wired connection of switch. At the same time, you don’t need to buy any projector. As long as your home is a smart TV, you can do wireless projection.


and users only need to install the app of Bijie projection TV, a mobile phone, available network and a smart TV to complete the mobile game on the large screen.

operation steps:

1. It is necessary to install a Bijie projection screen for the smart TV / TV box, and then connect the TV to the unified network with the mobile phone. 2. If you are an Android mobile phone, you need to install a Bijie projection mobile phone client for the mobile phone. After connecting the TV, turn on the mirror switch to connect the mobile phone screen to the TV, and then turn on the game. Make sure your phone and TV are connected to the same WiFi network. 3. After the same screen, open the game in the mobile phone, and the TV will become a large screen for game display. If it’s an Apple phone, find the screen image – choose the TV that needs to be projected.


and Bijie projection screen realize the wireless interconnection from mobile phone to large screen, solve the problem of small mobile phone screen and meet the needs of users for large screen to the greatest extent. From game recording, webcast sharing, to large screen games, business office and other screen projection needs, you can click the screen to the TV.