Game projection, the game on the mobile phone is wirelessly projected to the TV,

today teaches you how to wirelessly project the mobile phone screen to the home TV.

can feast your eyes whether you are watching mobile phones, photos, recorded videos or playing games. Of course, your TV must be a smart TV or connected to a smart box. Both iPhone and Android support it.

first confirm that your TV is connected to the network, then open the application center of the TV or box to search and install the Bijie projection TV Version, and press confirm on the remote control to confirm the installation.

you can also use the Bijie wireless projection box to connect to the TV, but this box needs to be configured separately. The operation method of this box will be introduced next time.

Android mobile phone

mobile phone download and install the Bijie projection client. After installation, open the “Bijie projection TV” on the TV and the “Bijie projection” on the mobile phone. The mobile phone and TV must be in the same network environment.

select your TV name in the mobile phone client to connect. After connecting, you can see the screen of your mobile phone on the TV.


iPhone and Android phone have basically the same operation steps, but they are different mobile phone clients. After opening, connect to the Bijie screen on the TV to cast the screen. After


, ,


are successfully connected, the mobile phone picture can be projected onto the TV. It is a kind of enjoyment to play games, throw screens h, watch photo albums and videos.