Great business and education solutions

Business and education facilities often have a dense wireless environment with multiple access points with employees trying to connect at once. Because of this congestion, you need a solution that is designed to cut through the noise and that works in the space you are in.

The BiJie Box for enterprise and higher education environments is designed to overcome this challenge in a very flexible manner that will suit nearly any meeting or classroom situation.

The BiJie receiver is a wireless display unlike any other wireless display devices on the market. It is the only wireless display receiver that eliminates apps and dongles by using native screen mirroring protocols in all major OS user devices. BiJie Box makes it easy for anyone – employees or guests – to securely connect with its multi-network approach that supports Miracast, local Wi-Fi mode or network. The three separate network interfaces provide more flexibility for different network policies and deployment needs.

It is designed to re-shape the modern meeting and education space by making connections and collaboration almost instant.

BiJie make smart meeting room and smart classroom happen. Wireless display and wireless presentation are great business and education solutions.