Have you ever experienced a normal wisdom classroom?

Have you ever experienced a normal wisdom classroom? BJ66 wireless projector helps schools to realize the transformation of new teaching mode, which can easily transform various teaching modes in the mode of sitting in rows. What are the features of BJ66?

① Wireless screen projection full protocol support:

Compatible with Airplay, Miracast, GoogleCast, Cast+, and BJCast screen projection protocols; No need to install software projection screen, compatible with Bijie software projection screen

② 6-way projection screen:

Support iOS, Mac, Windows, Android smart device random combination of multi-screen display;

(3) Screen reverse control:

Support reverse control for Android phones and windows PCS;

Electronic whiteboard & Comments:

Built-in electronic whiteboard, smooth writing, touch comment;

⑤HDMI input:

Support HDMI input; Supports access to third-party HDMI video sources such as cameras, high-definition cameras, and PCS

⑥OPS integration:

Supports the linkage between the OPS system and the projection hardware. The wireless projection screen can be directly displayed on the windows interface without switching the HDMI signal source

⑦ Unified management platform:

Provides centralized management and remote maintenance of boxes