HD projection, how to HD projection in the process of wireless projection, the

mobile phone screen is too small, and your eyes are tired after watching for a long time. The computer screen is too small to take care of every guest during the meeting. It has become a rigid need to cast a small screen into a large screen. There are various ways of projection, wired and wireless. It needs to be realized with the help of hardware and can be invested by downloading software. How to choose is really a headache.


and in terms of connection mode, the projection screen is divided into wired and wireless. The wired projection screen is limited, the interface matching of the equipment is complex, the length of the harness is problem, and the operation and use are inconvenient. Wireless projection has become the first choice for most people. Wireless projection eliminates the feeling of interface pairing, being bound by lines and the trouble of complex operation. Bijie projection screen uploads mobile phone data to the large screen for real-time projection, which is very simple and is really popular with the public; When using Bijie screen projection, the equipment can be connected to the network. The dual network environment of wireless and 4G ensures higher screen projection success rate and more stable screen projection effect.


and will be able to output 4K high-definition video pictures in the Internet or mobile Internet environment. The system will automatically adjust according to the network conditions to ensure that the high-definition video pictures are not stuck and delayed at the same time. The key operation of such a good software as


is also extremely simple. The specific steps are as follows: Step 1: download the screen on the mobile phone / computer and TV, and the application market can download it; Step 2: open the screen projection software of Bijie on the mobile phone or computer, and click the screen projection button below; Step 3: turn on the Bijie projection screen on the smart TV and use the mobile phone to search the TV equipment; Step 4: after the connection is successful, put the screen content you need on the smart TV.


and are different from other screen projection devices. Bijie screen projection has other characteristics. It can be projected between a variety of devices, including mobile phone TV and computer TV. One click screen projection is very convenient. The adaptation of all mainstream operating systems has been completed, which are supported by Android, IOS, windows and Mac OS.