Hit the Road with BiJie Box

Enjoying a trip in the RV doesn’t mean you have to be disconnected. If you’re hitting the road, don’t forget to include a wireless display adapter on your packing list.

Wireless display adapters, such as the BiJie Box , allow you to use your phone, tablet or laptop to watch TV in the comfort of your RV.

What is Wireless Display

Wireless display, or ‘screen mirroring,’ is a technology that allows you to display content from your mobile device on your TV. This content includes things like photos, movies, mobile games, and websites.

Wireless display technology is built in to many phones, tablets and laptops. To use it, you’ll need a wireless display adapter or receiver that plugs in to the TV.


Benefits of Wireless Display

Wireless display adapters are not all equal. The benefits listed below apply specifically to the BiJie Box.

No Need for a WiFi Network

If you don’t have unlimited data for your mobile device, you can still display photos, personal videos, mobile games and more. All those shows you downloaded on the Netflix app can be wirelessly shared to your TV screen from your phone or tablet without Internet access.

Use your unlimited data plan to stream movies and TV shows so you don’t miss new episodes while you adventure. Share websites or other content from the Internet on the TV screen.


Mirror ANY Content

With the BiJie Box, there are virtually no limitation to what you can display on the big screen. Share photos, movies, apps, mobile games, websites and more from your mobile device screen directly on your TV.


No Registration – Just Share Your Content

Some wireless display devices make you fill in your name, rank and serial number. Then you have to pull out your credit card and fill in more details before displaying any content on your TV.


Compatible with Most Android and Windows Devices*

Android devices (4.2+) and devices with Windows (8.1+/10) typically have Miracast wireless display technology build right in to them. There’s no need to download apps.

* Note: Apple devices require Apple specific adapters.


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