Android phone is projected to the windows computer


win10 is projected to the PC. set the

mobile terminal. In the setting, select the sharing screen, open it, search the PC and confirm the connection. It’s that simple. This is the wireless screen projection software of Android mobile phone system. It is required that the computer version should not be too old, otherwise the screen projection may be unsuccessful. In fact, there are many methods for Android screen projection, and the most convenient way is to use Bijie interactive box for wireless screen projection. Just connect the Bijie interactive box to the computer, then turn on the wireless screen projection function of the mobile phone, search the ID of the Bijie interactive box, click the connection, and you can switch the terminal device at will. You can switch the mobile phone to tablet or computer without restriction. Bijie interactive box:

supports the projection of native functions such as miracast, widi and airplay (without installing APP)


support the wireless image projection of Android, IOS, MAC and windows intelligent terminals (installing APP);

Bijie conference box supports wireless / wired access and customization of boot screen; Provide mobile phone code scanning screen projection and screen projection code projection;


Bijie conference box support cloud management functions, which can be managed, configured and counted in a unified way, and can be deployed privately;