Car screen projection, how do apple and Android mobile phones do car wireless screen projection,

Xiaobian collected some methods of mobile phone screen projection to the car screen, hoping to be useful to you.

solution 1: connect the mobile screen and vehicle screen through MHL line (mainly for Android phones)

1. Mobile phones need to support MHL function. At present, most Android smartphones have this function.

2. There is HDMI interface on the vehicle.

3. An MHL cable is required. It is a high-definition video and audio standard interface of mobile terminal. The MHL function can transmit the video signal and audio signal in the mobile phone to the external display device at the same time.

connect the MHL cable to the mobile phone USB port and the vehicle HDMI interface at the same time, and the screen mapping can be realized automatically. Wait a few seconds and the mobile phone will be put on the vehicle screen. If there is no response, restart the phone.


in addition to using the vehicle screen to play videos and music of the mobile phone, you can also project the navigation on the mobile phone onto the screen. The navigation on the mobile phone is much easier to use than the navigation on the vehicle. If you directly project the screen, you don’t need the vehicle mobile phone bracket. If the car does not have Bluetooth function, you can also directly play the music of the mobile phone after connecting the car with MHL cable.


solution 2: connect the mobile phone and the vehicle screen through the Carplay system (only apple phones)


Carplay system are apple products, so they can only be used for iPhone phones.

connection is also very simple. Just plug the USB end of the apple data cable into the vehicle interface, and then plug the lighting interface into the mobile phone. At this time, your iPhone will remind you to open Siri voice assistant, and the vehicle will automatically start Carplay.


solutions 3 and 4: with the help of third-party projection software and projection hardware (Apple Android phones can use)


projection software: now the new vehicle screens support miracast. Download a projection software in the vehicle navigation system, and then you can treat the vehicle screen as a TV. The projection effect is similar to that of our projection TV.


same screen devices: most of the same screen devices support wired screen projection and wireless screen projection.