How can Huawei mobile phone screen on TV more easily and quickly?

In fact, Huawei nova series also supports wireless screen projection, which is easier, but there are still many phones without PC mode. In this case, how can these phones make the screen more convenient? For the general public, the total feeling of mobile phone screen to TV, projector is very complex, think that it is a professional only understand the thing, their usual want to use mobile phone screen to watch movies on the old TV, play games, or meeting with mobile phone screen to projector, I don’t know how to achieve.

Wireless projection screen

Huawei’s nova series has a nice feature called Wireless Projection.

) It is simple and fast to let the mobile phone picture directly onto the TV, projector and other display devices. The steps are also very simple, 2 steps!

Step 01:

First, have a wireless network. Then make sure your Huawei phone is on the same network as the display device.

Step 02:

Open the “drop down menu” – “Wireless Projection” of Huawei Nova5 series. If your phone and the display device you want to project the screen are in the same wifi network, it will be displayed. At this time, click the display device like TV/computer/projector that you want to project the screen, you can directly connect to achieve the projection, which is very simple and fast.
This kind of screen projection method is simple and practical, mobile phone and TV screen synchronous display content, games, movies, don’t be too cool!