mobile screen projection, how can the mobile phone image projection be used,


some netizens commented on Zhihu: “the mobile phone image projection is of little use. In the image mode, the mobile phone screen must be on and no one can see it.” So is it true that the mobile phone image projection is of little use, as the netizen said?

1. Use

when the video app does not support DLNA projection. Now some TV platforms support TV (DLNA) projection programs that need the support of the video app. When TV programs do not support DLNA projection, we need mobile image projection to watch the film.

2. Mirror projection screen must also be used in meeting occasions.

in business conference room scenes and multimedia teaching, most of the contents of users’ mobile phone projection screen are PPT, presentation, teaching copy and other contents made by themselves. Therefore, in business conference room and multimedia classroom, the mirror projection screen of wireless projector is the mainstream.


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comments: mobile image projection is still useful in general audio-visual entertainment, but the reason why users are unwilling to use wireless projectors is that professional wireless projectors are expensive, and those who think mobile image projection is of great use are basically enterprise users and teachers of multimedia teaching.