How can mobile phone projection and wireless projection become easy and simple? The

5-inch or more than 20 inch small screen occupies our life and has become the biggest obstacle to the large screen vision. How can we not only use the large screen, but also enjoy the fun brought by small device video? Today, Xiaobian will introduce how mobile phones and computers can wirelessly project the screen to the TV.

is very simple, and a Bijie projection software can meet it! Because it can not only project a large picture, but also act as a “magnifying glass” to realize the wireless same screen playback between computer (PC / tablet) and TV, mobile phone and TV, so that the small screen can become a large screen in seconds. How does Bijie project the screen between smart TV and computer or mobile phone.

1. Computer (PC / tablet) and smart TV are on the same screen.


are realized with the help of self-developed “Bijie screen projection” software, which is connected wirelessly and more intelligent.


first find and open the app store on the main interface of the TV, search for the Bijie screen, download and install it, and then install the same Bijie screen software on the computer. Open the computer software to search for the name of the TV device. After the connection is successful, you can cast all the screen contents in the computer onto the TV, and you can choose what you want to see.

2. The same screen mode of mobile phone and smart TV

in fact, the screen projection operation of mobile phone is similar to that of computer, connecting mobile phone and smart TV in the same wireless network environment; Pull up the mobile phone menu and the screen projection icon will appear; In the projection item, you can see the model of smart TV equipment, select the projection equipment that needs the same screen, and start the mirror function; Later, the same screen is successful.

of course, the screen projection of this mobile phone is still unstable. We can use a more stable screen projection operation, scan the QR code in the smart TV, download the “Bijie screen projection” software, and open the “Bijie screen projection” software in the mobile phone to realize the image function. It is not a problem to push files, pictures and videos to the TV screen. We can also use the mobile phone as a remote control, etc.


Bijie screen projection is an important software for screen projection. Especially after the emergence of the same screen display of mobile phone and TV, it can help us put the content on the mobile phone on the big screen, whether it is to demonstrate, share or enjoy the fun of the big screen in our work, and help us bid farewell to the small screen and embark on a new vision of wireless big screen.