To reflect the quality of the living room, in addition to its own decoration, the core is to match a high-end large screen TV. Today, I will introduce Skyworth a 65 inch large screen TV: 65g71.

In terms of appearance, Skyworth 65g71 TV adopts narrow frame design to realize super-high screen proportion, which looks very simple. The texture of the back shell learns from fashionable weaving elements, applies plastic film interior decoration pattern technology, and reflects the disordered layered sense of weaving through high matte effect, which fully demonstrates the low-key noble quality of the product.


In terms of image quality, Skyworth 65g71 TV is not only equipped with Ultra HD resolution, but also joined skyvision super image quality engine, which is based on AI algorithm to improve the image perception in real time from five dimensions of contrast, clarity, color, motion and noise reduction.

In terms of sound effect, Skyworth 65g71 TV adopts the design of front out loudspeaker, which makes the sound come from all sides and realizes the same position of sound and picture. Kevlar bulletproof cloth material loudspeaker diaphragm has crisp and low distortion sound, silk membrane high-frequency loudspeaker, fine, clear and soft high pitch.

In terms of application, Skyworth 65g71 TV is equipped with trensai eye high light elevating AI camera, which supports the brand-new family photo 3.0 function; it supports voice photo taking and gesture control, and can record and save beautiful moments with one command. The camera of industry application level high incoming light CMOS sensor can effectively reduce the image noise, and the dark light shooting is also clear. Even if the party takes pictures at night, it can still guarantee the beauty in the lens.

At the same time, Skyworth 65g71 TV’s elevating AI camera can also realize intelligent face recognition. It can automatically adjust the camera’s tilt angle in the range of 5 ° to 14 ° to keep the user’s c-position all the time, with a full sense of lens. TV is no longer just a TV, but also a photographer for users. In fact, it is a necessary artifact for family gatherings and daily self portraits.

Based on the camera’s AR function, Skyworth 65g71 TV also supports somatosensory games, and AI camera can capture human actions and interact with you in front of the camera in real time. Say goodbye to the handle and immerse yourself in the experience. From then on, the TV turns into a dancing machine, and the living room becomes a game hall. It’s the same for entertainment and fitness.

In addition, Skyworth 65g71 TV also adds the function of shadow following the screen, which can divide the large screen into two parts. The mobile phone projection screen and the camera live scene are displayed on the same screen. In front of the screen, you can compare your actions with the fitness video in real time. In addition, myshape Skyworth AI customized version can accurately recognize your actions at any time and score and correct them. Professional fitness, home sports are more healthy.

    In terms of resources, Skyworth 65g71 TV has built-in famous teacher school section, which deeply integrates the education resources of the whole platform. From preschool to high school, there are famous teachers to explain the courses, and it can also have large screen online classes at home, which makes learning easier. In addition, it also supports parents to screen the viewing content for their children, set the viewing time, and cooperate with Skyworth’s first optical anti blue light eye protection technology, without blue light damage Strength, happy children, parents worry.

Editor’s comment: as a 65 inch large screen, Skyworth 65g71 has a remarkable performance, especially in the application, which has brought extraordinary experience to users. At present, the price of the machine is 6999 yuan, interested friends can learn more about it.

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