How do I add projectors to desktops and laptops


1, desktop and notebook connection, there are two ways L

(1) Get a VGA splitter, one in two, from the desktop graphics card to the splitter, and then from the splitter to separate two ways, respectively, to the monitor and the projector

(2) First from the computer to the projector, and then plug in the monitor from the VGA outlet on the projector.

2, laptop and projector connection:

(1) Connect the VGA cable and press the FN+ function key on the laptop (there is a CRT/LCD from F1 to F10, or the key like the small monitor icon).

Can be cut into two screens.

(2) Pay attention to the display resolution of the notebook, not too high, 1024*768 is best. Do not use widescreen mode, projection and then switch back

(3) Some notebooks can not be displayed by pressing FN+ function keys, just right click on the desktop, there is a graphic display, which has notebook + display output option


(4) Some notebooks do not need to switch, plug in the projector to display.