How do I screen an Android phone on a Mac

Android phone users must have a certain need for the screen projection, so for Mac users, Xiaobian prepared for you how to project this Android phone to the Mac system? For Mac users, the article explains the whole process of Android phone screen projection to Mac system.

How to screen Android phones to Mac system introduction:

You can go to the official website to download the mac version of this software, decompress and click to run, do not need to install.

After opening the software, insert the Android phone into the mac, as long as you open the USB debugging, it will automatically download to help you install the mobile version, the mobile version has no function, just help you to cast the screen of the software, even when you download the mobile screen of the mac, you do not need to open the mobile phone, only need to open the mac will automatically connect.

Android phone to screen mac must open USB debugging, open phone Settings, more Settings, developers, USB debugging. It should be noted that sometimes the software has been connected to the phone, but the black screen of the mobile phone interface displayed on the mac, then you need to unplug the USB data cable and re-plug several times.

At the same time, USB debugging is repeatedly turned on. As for why, that’s a common problem with Android phones.

mac side: After opening the software, this main interface is generally operated on the mac side, click WiFi to connect the phone screen through WiFi, this way has a delay, so it is recommended to connect the phone by USB. It’s already connected here. The red circle is the option to automatically connect the phone, according to your needs to choose.

You can click on the pinion, or cast the screen to the mac interface of the Android pinion, you can set the screen resolution ah, window size ah, etc., in fact, set also useless, this is for the pro version. So default is fine.

After the successful screen casting, there will be the picture in the figure, the top bar above is to light the screen, and so on, anyway, at this time is equal to your Android phone, you click on the above or double click your phone will make a corresponding response. No matter what operation can be implemented, just like your physical computer.