How do I set up a dual-screen display on my computer?

Computer multi-screen display, you can achieve a screen to play games, another screen to watch stocks, work and entertainment, especially the editor career is generally equipped with multi-screen display, then how to set the computer to double screen display, let the white system teach you the specific operation method.

First, hardware requirements (Win10 system as an example)

1, the computer host must have VGA/DVI/HDMI any two output independent graphics card interface (general entry-level graphics card support);

  1. Prepare any two cables of VGA/DVI/HDMI for display output interface;

3, two monitors, support VGA/DVI/HDMI any two interfaces (otherwise VGA converter connector is required)

Two, dual screen operation steps:

1, first of all, the external monitor and the computer graphics card interface through VGA/DVI/HDMI any two lines connected.

  1. After successful connection, enter the desktop of the computer system, right-click the blank area of the desktop and select [Display Settings];

3, if the connection is successful, you can see that the display has two;

4, the display interface to find the “multi-monitor Settings” under the select “Expand these monitors”, and then the two monitors can be displayed normally;

5, if the line detection is still not displayed, then the mouse right click on the desktop and select 【 NVIDIA Control Panel 】

6, find [Set multiple monitors], and then check the monitor we want to use, so that it is OK.