How do Rokid Air glasses connect to OPPO mobile phone?

Rokid Air supports 3 connection modes:

  1. Android devices that support DP output (such as Huawei mate40) only need to connect the phone directly to the glasses, and the phone response can power the glasses. If you use the desktop mode, the phone at this time is a touch pad, which is a good experience. The experience is the best! You can also connect an external controller to play several built-in games

  2. Support DP output of non-Android devices (such as HP Apple notebook, iPad pro), then as an external display to use it, to tell the truth, the effect is general, because in the daily office and other scenes, the user is difficult to do motionless, shake easily dizzy, and image edge has slight distortion, and read the text is not as comfortable as the computer, Let’s just say that once in a while it’s okay;

  3. Devices that do not support DP output, but devices that support wireless screen projection (such as iPhone). The mobile phone is connected to the portable wireless screen projection of Bijet AR00 through Wi-Fi, and the AR00 is connected to the glasses through wired connection.

The AR00 portable wireless screen projector supports Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and PCS to connect wirelessly to smart glasses screen projection and is compatible with AirPlay, Miracast and DLNA screen projection protocols.

Wireless connection steps:

  1. Connect Betgemini AR00 portable wireless screen projector to AR smart glasses through Type-C (DP) interface, and turn on the power to run the screen projector;

  2. The mobile phone /PC and the screen projector are connected to the same network;

  3. Wireless projection AR glasses can be realized through mobile phone /PC projection function.