How do you connect a screen TV to a mobile phone?

We are used to watching TV series on the mobile phone, but only 6 inch size of the mobile phone for a long time to look at the eyes will be very tired, the screen size limits the movie details can not see clearly, small screen is difficult to experience the special effects of the movie and the big screen watching, live feel stronger visual more shocking is there a way to watch movies and TV series on the TV?

Let’s learn how to project your phone onto your TV:

Mobile screen TV link method:

  1. Use a data cable to connect. The simplest and most common way for a smartphone to connect to a computer is to use a data cable. We can plug both ends of the cable into a computer and a mobile phone. Locate the new hardware displayed on your computer and open them. Note, however, that you must use the phone’s original data cable.

  2. Bluetooth connection. A smartphone can also be connected to a computer using Bluetooth connection. The specific method is to turn on the Bluetooth of the phone and the computer at the same time, and then the computer searches for the wireless device and clicks connect. This method assumes that your computer supports Bluetooth.

  3. Mobile assistant connection. We can also connect smart phones to computers through some mobile assistants. The trick is to download the mobile Assistant on both your computer and your phone, and then log in to your computer. This method is simple and direct without the requirement of data line.

Meanwhile, when connecting to an iPhone or Android TV, the first thing you need to do is make sure your phone is connected to the same WIFI as your TV.

Use your iPhone to swipe up to call out the multitasking bar, tap the screen image, select your TV, locate the TV, and tap the Connect screen function to synchronize the display of the picture on the phone screen, and the content on your phone screen will be displayed on the TV

First, make sure your phone is connected to the same WIFI network as your TV. Turn on the TV, find the app in the menu bar, click My App, and choose the appropriate screen projection method for your purpose. After selecting an Android phone, you can see that different brands of phones have different ways to connect. You can connect your phone to your TV depending on your phone brand, or you can play photos and videos of your phone on your TV.



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