How do you screen iphones and Samsung TVS

There are two ways to project the screen to the TV, one is to use the video app to project the screen, and the other is the screen mirror, which is suitable for projecting your own photos and videos.


Smart TV or TV box

Method steps:

  1. If the Samsung TV at home is a smart TV that can be connected to the Internet, you can use your iPhone to directly project the screen to the Samsung TV. If it is an old ordinary TV, you need to buy a TV box to project the screen.
  2. Before casting the screen, you need to connect the phone and the TV (or TV box) in the same wifi.
  3. Open the video app on your phone and play your favorite videos, including TV series, movies and variety shows.
  4. Click on the three dots, or find the “Cast Screen” logo;
  5. Click “Projection Screen”;
  6. Programs broadcast on the mobile phone are projected onto the TV.
  7. If you want to project the photos and videos recorded on your phone to the TV, you need to use “screen mirror” to project the screen. The operation method is as follows:

Go to the control center of the iPhone, click “Screen image” and select the TV you want to screen, and you can project the content displayed on the screen of the phone to the TV.