How does a Huawei phone connect to a projector

The PC computer mode of Huawei mobile phone is simply the exclusive equipment designed for modern “light office”. Since Mate10, Huawei has added the PC computer mode on the mobile phone, and now the PC mode on Huawei Mate30Pro is simply not too easy to use. But how do you wirelessly project content from your phone onto the projector? Today, Xiaobian will tell you how to connect Huawei mobile phones to projectors.

At present, there are three ways to connect the mobile phone and the projector, but the small series of Type-c to HDMI cable always feel inconvenient not to introduce to you, want to use Type-c to HDMI cable, directly buy the line to buy the interface on the line. Small series or focus on introducing two ways of wireless connection.

1. Screen projection software:

Most of today’s projectors come with their own software. A screen projection software receiver is built into the projector system, and then the user needs to go to the designated website to download the exclusive screen projection signal transmitter according to the instruction manual of the projector, such as Huawei mobile phone to select the Android version to download and install.

Advantages: Free download, installation can be used.


1, each mobile phone should be installed screen projection software, and must be the specified model of software, sometimes the model is not right or can not be used;

2, the screen software is limited by the network, that is, it cannot be used in the absence of a network

3, the projector belongs to the general brand, there is no exclusive screen module, that is, does not support mobile phone screen.

Two, wireless screen projector

Wireless screen projector is a professional cross-platform device, and it is also the most multi-screen interactive device used in conference rooms at present.


1, the hardware equipment requirements are low: as long as the projector has VGA or HDMI interface, the mobile phone can project the screen for the smartphone.

2, multi-compatible: No matter who Huawei mobile phone, as long as the mobile phone and wireless screen projection receiving box in the same LAN can be screen projection.

3. Get rid of network restrictions: The wireless screen projection box has its own AP hotspot. When there is no network, Huawei mobile phone connects to the AP hotspot of the device, open the wireless screen projection of Huawei mobile phone, and connect to the screen projection.

Limitations: Users need to purchase a wireless projector.