How does a mobile phone wirelessly project/share a screen to a TV computer

In a few simple steps, the small screen becomes the big screen, and the wonderful photos and videos on the mobile phone are projected wirelessly to the TV and computer to share with the family.

Preparation conditions: A smart TV, network set-top box, or Win10 computer that supports miracast/airplay protocol, open the Settings menu to view miracast, airplay image, allshare cast, wireless display and other words to confirm whether the device supports it. An Android or iPhone.

IOS device wireless screen projection to TV: When the smart TV and IOS device are in the same network, open the bottom slider menu, select Airplay mirror, and select the TV or set-top box that supports airplay in the pop-up box

Android device wireless screen projection to TV: At present, most mobile phones of Android version 5.1 and above support Miracast protocol. The steps for enabling wireless screen projection vary for different brands of Android mobile phones. The following is the method for enabling wireless screen projection function of some brands miracast.

HTC Settings → Media Output
ASUS Settings → More → Play To
Samsung Fast Connection → Screen Mirroring
SONY Settings → Xperia online → Screen sync display
Xiaomi Settings → Wireless and networking → Other wireless connections → Wireless display
LG Settings → Share & Connection → Miracast
Google Settings → Display → Miracast
InFocus Settings → Screen Placement → Enable wireless screen sharing
OPPO Settings → Wireless and Networking → More → WLAN Display
Huawei Shortcut → Multi-screen
acer Settings → Display → Wireless screen sharing

Take Xiaomi mobile phone as an example, open the “wireless screen projection” or Miracast similar application on the TV, and then open the “wireless display” in the wireless connection mode of the phone, then the name of the TV will appear on the phone, and the phone can be displayed on the same screen as the TV after the connection is successful.

You can do the same with an Android device on an Android Windows10 PC: Open the notification bubble in the lower-right corner of your desktop, select Link – Project to this PC from the menu and set Allow connection. Then open the wireless projection function from the mobile phone to find the computer, and you can project the mobile phone screen to the computer monitor in real time.