is becoming more and more popular now. It is often used. It is necessary to cast the picture on the mobile phone on the computer or smart TV. The newly bought Apple mobile phone wants to cast the screen, but it doesn’t know how to cast the screen. Don’t worry. Here are three ways to cast the screen.


: the video software has its own projection function. The video tools of


clients, such as iqiyi, Tencent and Youku, will appear a “TV” logo when playing the video, but the device needs to be in the same environment as the TV. After clicking the TV logo, the model of the TV will appear, so that the mobile phone can be projected on the TV screen.

II: Apple’s airplay function

if you don’t want to download the projection software or use the wired projection, you can use Apple’s airplay image function. However, the computer or smart TV to be projected must meet the conditions of supporting Apple’s airplay function.


mobile phones and TVs or computers are connected in the same WiFi network environment. Turn on the airplay function on Apple mobile phone, find airplay in the control center, and click to search the computer or TV you want to connect. After the connection is successful, you can realize the screen projection.

III: it is suitable for wireless projector. It is recommended that it is suitable for wireless projector produced by Suzhou Bijie Network Co., Ltd.

Bijie wireless projector, whether you are a smart TV or an old-fashioned non smart TV, or you have only one computer monitor, The Bijie wireless projector can wirelessly project the content on the mobile phone or notebook. It only needs an HDMI cable to connect the Bijie interactive box with the monitor or TV, and then turn on the wireless projection function of the mobile phone or notebook to search the ID of the Bijie interactive box. After searching, click Connect. After connecting, the content on the mobile phone or notebook can be wirelessly projected to the TV or monitor, Very simple and practical, applicable to all current application scenarios.

is the screen projection method of Apple mobile phone very simple? You can try it if necessary. I believe you can do it.