How does Samsung mobile phone display to TV?

In fact, it’s very simple. In fact, the problem is that Android mobile phones display to TV wirelessly.

First of all, both Samsung mobile phones and Samsung TVs should support wireless display function.

Press the TV remote control to ”program source key

Select ”screen mirroring”

Open the Samsung phone and select more settings in settings

Select ”screen mirroring”

Then search for the name of the TV and click on the connection to connect the mobile phone to the content on the same screen.

If it is the old Samsung mobile phone and Samsung TV, if there is no wireless display function, is it impossible to broadcast the screen wirelessly?

Of course not. You can use one of the most popular wireless display devices in China. The BiJie interactive box produced by Suzhou BiJie Network Co., Ltd. does not need to connect any device to wirelessly display the contents of the mobile phone to the TV. There are several kinds of wireless display devices suitable for various scenarios. For details, please visit the official website of BiJie.