How does the projection computer operate? The most common way to use a screen computer

Presumably many people have mobile video screen to the TV some operation. So how does a screen computer operate? The mobile phone can screen, to the TV can also screen to the computer, the following we will specifically introduce the mobile phone screen to the computer the most commonly used 4 ways.

Type 1: Mobile phone with built-in screen function

Most mobile phones can show video to a TV, but many can show video to a computer, and many have built-in screen projection.

For example, the mobile phone projection screen to the computer, but the knowledge of the mobile phone model is very limited, so the operation is relatively complicated. Of course, the ordinary mobile phone is unable to screen to the computer, can be through other ways to screen, now many users are most applied to the windows10 system. A computer with this system basically transmits sound and pictures to the computer.

The second way: wired connection for screen projection

If you want to projector computer, we can also be equipped with a double USB interface and transmission of audio data cable, both ends are connected to the mobile phone and computer respectively, through the wired connection for screen projection, you can also transfer the mobile phone sound and picture to the computer at the same time. Of course, this way is relatively old-fashioned, the most reliable way to screen computer is to download a screen software, in the market there are a lot of such screen software, you can transfer the video above the mobile phone to the computer or TV, the operation is very simple.

The third: Install Le broadcast screen software on the computer screen

The number of users using Android is also very large, Android users want to cast screen, we only need to install Le Bo screen casting software on the computer can real-time screen casting, the operation is very simple. Compared with TV, the function of computer is very powerful, but also become an essential part of People’s Daily life and work, especially for some home office people, in order to improve the efficiency of work, usually also need some screen software, some important documents or PPT screen to the computer for modification. Of course, in addition to these functions, now a lot of screen software can almost achieve game screen, short video screen and other screen functions.

Different screen computer way, the operation method is different. When we choose these methods, we should try our best to combine their own actual situation to choose a suitable way. Of course, for the vast majority of users, there are relatively few users of the mobile phone with the screen projection computer, so most Android users are inclined to download a screen projection software for the screen projection. Among the Chinese screen projection software, Lebo screen projection is a relatively good performance of the screen projection software, but also by a lot of users love, so far download and use this screen software the number of users is also very large.