In your team meetings, are you collaborating or just presenting? You can make your meetings more collaborative by using wireless presentation to bring the team together on projects. The right wireless presentation solution makes it easy to connect, makes it easy to share information.

There are common issues in team meetings that result in poor collaboration:

Presenters bring a mix of devices to present content and unsure whether they have the right app or dongle to connect to room wireless display.
Remote works feel lonely or left out of the conversation, making it difficult to work as a team and be innovative.
Brainstorming sessions that require tools like whiteboards require in-room whiteboards or digital applications separate from the screen-shared content.

A wireless presentation device like BJ62S resolves these issues. When teams can avoid these common problems, there’s more time for collaboration and decision-making.

Here’s how BJ62S improves team collaboration:

Makes it easy to connect from any device: Today’s meetings tend to see a mix of devices. BJ62S receivers support the built-in wireless display technology in Windows, Apple and Chromebook devices. Users do not need to download an app, or find the correct dongle or cable to connect. Presenters can quickly and easily connect with a single click whether in-room or remote.

Enables up to four simultaneous presenters: The multi-view feature allows up to four devices to share content on-screen at the same time. Whether in-room or working remotely, participants can share content simultaneously for a more elegant experience as content annotating and editing of materials can be done in real-time.

Ensures wireless Inking without any latency: As a Microsoft co-engineering partner, BiJie supports Microsoft Windows Ink so users can ink and annotate in any Office 365 application on the room display. BiJie Ghost Inking™ technology effectively removes all Windows Inking latency for a more intuitive and natural pen-to-paper experience, creating a best-in-class wireless team collaboration experience.