How simple is the office projection and wireless projection? The

will be a wireless projection with multi screen interaction and one click deployment, which is efficient and convenient. 5 minutes to quickly build a dedicated conference room, suitable for various application scenarios, fully compatible with various hardware devices, and provide customers with safe, stable, efficient and convenient conference projection services. The conference will be simplified, the meeting in different places will be convenient, and the enterprises will be able to achieve a new era of transformation and success.


and completely bid farewell to the complicated connection. The computer can be projected out with one click. It is convenient and easy to use for on-site meeting and remote meeting. One minute installation and enabling: one minute installation of Bijie projection screen on mobile phone computer and large screen can enable high-quality real-time audio and video projection screen by connecting with each other. HD decoding: the server is fully encoded and decoded, and the client is hard encoded and decoded. 4K HD video can be displayed on the same screen. Compared with traditional office methods, Bijie projection conference has greatly reduced the travel frequency of enterprise personnel and the overall travel expenses. Employees no longer have to rush between branches for all kinds of large and small meetings. The internal and external links of the enterprise are closer and the efficiency of collaborative work is higher.

compared with traditional enterprises, the biggest difference between intelligent enterprises is the transformation of cooperation mode. At present, the traditional form of meeting can no longer meet the needs of modern daily meetings. Many problems such as large number of meetings, complex meeting materials and inefficient meeting decision-making have become common problems of traditional meetings. The use of Bijie projection screen for meetings has long captured important fields and large companies such as government, education and finance. In addition to meetings, Bijie projection screen can also be used for entertainment, training, counseling, preschool education, fitness video projection, classroom projection, etc.


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nowadays, Bijie projection screen is no longer limited to conference applications, nor is it a simple internal communication tool. It is expected to become a catalyst to promote the improvement of enterprise user experience, product and service innovation and business model transformation. With the rapid development and popularity of 5g network and high-definition video, the journey of enterprise intelligent transformation is also in full swing. In the future, intelligent enterprises will subvert the operation and management mode of the existing industry. As the booster of enterprise intelligent transformation, technology plays an irreplaceable role, and Bijie projection screen will be applied daily in more and more enterprise offices. Enterprises can reduce costs, eliminate distance and establish more trust by selecting Bijie to realize remote conference, and reshape the competitiveness of enterprises through Bijie screen technology is undoubtedly the key to the transformation of enterprise screen conference.