Bijie multi screen collaboration device supports a collaborative environment of multiple operating systems and multiple users. Any participant can use computers, mobile phones and tablets to complete a series of operations such as content transmission, analysis, display and control, so as to achieve the purpose of sharing on the same screen, creative display and wireless collaboration and interaction.

Bijie multi screen collaboration equipment is divided into two use modes: separate conference room use and company LAN use. Company LAN use is a new function of the latest research and development.

The wireless conference collaboration system is used in a separate conference room

1. Firstly, the receiver box of the wireless projector is connected with the large screen through HDMI cable;
2. Then the mobile phone, tablet and computer can cast the screen wirelessly for sharing and wireless cooperation.
Make full use of efficient meetings, use various departments to communicate, enhance cooperation and improve efficiency, so as to promote the development of enterprises. Through science and technology, the wireless collaboration system can easily realize the functions of one click open / hidden writing, mobile phone QR code scanning and easy sharing, which can save trouble and take away all the contents of the meeting, and help enterprises save time and improve efficiency more directly.

In addition to the wireless projection, the wireless collaboration system also has the touch writing function, which can write smoothly on the conference board with fingers. By recognizing different gestures, it can write, move and save freely.

According to the size of the back of the hand touching the screen area, it can change the size of the eraser to achieve rapid erasure, which is in line with people’s habit of writing and painting with fingers and erasing mistakes immediately. At the same time, it also saves time The time wasted in looking for whiteboards, replacing markers and erasing whiteboards has greatly improved the efficiency of the meeting.

Application of Wireless Conference cooperation system in company LAN

1. Build a running program on the LAN server of the company, and generate a receiving IP address. For the convenience of use, the IP can be generated into a two-dimensional code;
2. Connect the wireless projector to the company LAN through the network cable [wireless projector in LAN, no distance limit];

3. Mobile phones, tablets and computers can search the ID of the wireless projector in the same LAN, and then use it as the sender to push the screen to the server.
4. The receiver only needs to scan the QR code or open the browser to input the IP address generated by the server to receive the sent screen