How to cast the interactive large screen of

smart classroom

at present, many classrooms take the interactive large screen of smart classroom as the carrier to replace the traditional teaching methods. How to connect the screen of mobile phone, tablet, notebook and computer with the large screen?


here is a wireless connection mode, that is, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers are wirelessly projected to the interactive screen of the smart classroom.

smart classroom

hardware preparation: smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and computers, and Bijie wireless conference projector.

how to use the interactive large screen in the smart classroom tutorial

first: connect the receiving end of Bijie wireless conference projector with the interactive large screen in the classroom through HDMI line;

then: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers and other smart devices can be used for wireless screen projection.

I. iPhone screen projection TV method (mirror screen projection)

first, the mobile phone should be in the same network as the computer or TV, pull down the control center, find the mirror mode, click to search the name of the interactive large screen of the smart classroom, and the screen can be projection after successful connection.

II. Android mobile phone projection TV method (mirror projection)

turn on the WiFi switch of Android device, find “wireless projection” (different brands of mobile phones are different) in the drop-down menu, select the interactive large screen of smart classroom, start mirror projection

III. win10 computer projection

turn on the operation center at the lower right of the computer, Select projection, connect to wireless display, and select the large interactive screen of smart classroom you want to project.

for more screen projection methods, please visit our official website.

smart classroom

realize the advantages of smart classroom screen projection through Bijie wireless conference projector

1. It is convenient and fast to use

2. It has high stability

3. It has good reliability

4. It has complete functions. The above

is the interactive large screen projection scheme of smart classroom introduced by Xiaobian. Of course, this is a common and simple way to use, In the actual smart classroom, the use environment may be complex. We have professional online technology, which can teach you how to use the equipment and provide you with free smart classroom projection scheme for free.