TV screen, how to screen to sharp TV,

although we have more and more things installed in our mobile phones, wonderful photos and videos, randomly installed video applications, etc., but the mobile phone screen is too small to be shared by the whole family, and it is not as refreshing as the big screen. What should we do? Now let’s introduce the setting method of sharp TV projection.

sharp TV projection setting method

1. Wireless connection

using wireless connection mode, first of all, ensure that the TV is a smart TV. In addition, the mobile phone and TV need to be kept in the same WiFi network state, and IOS and devices are slightly different.

1. The IOS device opens the [control interface] from the mobile phone screen, and click the [screen image] option to directly see the name of the TV. After clicking, the TV will display the picture of the mobile phone;

2. For Android devices, first turn on [wireless projection screen] on the TV, and then turn on [wireless display] in the wireless connection mode of the mobile phone. At this time, the name of the TV will appear on the mobile phone. After the connection is successful, the mobile phone can be displayed on the same screen as the TV;

3. If you are putting on TV dramas, variety shows, etc. in other videos and other apps, click the [TV] button and the TV name will appear. Click it to cast the screen successfully. There is no difference between IOS and Android mobile phones;

2. Wired connection

wired connection needs to use HDMI or VGA interface of TV. Among them, HDMI interface needs MHL function, which refers to mobile high definition link of mobile terminal. Generally, this sign will be on the interface. In addition, mobile phones also need to support MHL function, but it seems that there are fewer and fewer mobile phones supporting MHL recently.


are the above methods for setting sharp TV projection.