Recently, many partners of

who use Xiaomi TV want to know how to project the screen of mobile phones, laptops and computers to Xiaomi TV?

1. Put the TV, mobile phone, notebook and computer in the same local area network environment:

1. Connect the notebook with wireless WiFi or plug in a network cable;

2. Plug in the Internet cable at the TV Festival;

2. Turn on [wireless projection]


at the TV terminal to enter the TV application and select the “wireless display” function; “Wireless display” appears after


are confirmed, and “* * * * in the living room is waiting for connection”.

III. mobile phones, laptops and computers use their own miracast, DLNA and widi to directly cast


. Method 1: open the mobile phone, select the mirror image and find the direct TV. The second method of


is to open the mobile phone, open the video software, find the screen projection button in the playback interface, click and select your own Xiaomi TV.


method 3: the computer side uses the miracast (Win + k) of win10 to conduct direct investment, which needs the support of computer hardware. Select [display] and [spkds] to open [display] and then select [display] and [spkds] to connect to [system settings]; The translucent black gray option pops up on the right, and you can search for “TV” under the same network.

if the TV does not support wireless projection, you need a Bijie wireless projection box!