How to Check whether Miracast Function is supported on a Computer

Nowadays, many friends are no longer satisfied with simply watching movies and videos on the computer. They all want to wirelessly project videos to the TV screen to enjoy the large-screen viewing experience. First of all, we need to know whether our own computer supports wireless projection.

The Miracast protocol, a wireless display standard based on direct Wi-Fi, is the key factor in Miracast support. Here are two Miracast methods for checking whether a computer supports Miracast:

Method 1:

First, we need to open the CMD command line window, WIN+R opens “Run”, type CMD;

Next, we type “netsh wlan show driver” and press Enter to check whether miracast function is supported on the computer.

Method 2:

First, open the run window again by WIN+R key, then type dxdiag.exe;

Next, we wait for the DirectX diagnostic tool to finish testing, then click Save all information;

Finally, a document named “DxDiag.txt” can be found after we select the save path. Open the document and click “Ctrl+F” to open and search Miracast, and “Available, with HDCP” means Miracast function is supported. If NotAvailable is displayed, it is not supported.

That is how Miracast is supported on a computer.