Now many friends are no longer satisfied with simply watching movies and videos on computers. They all want to put the video on the TV screen wirelessly and enjoy the experience of watching on the big screen. The first thing we need to know is whether our computers support wireless display.

Whether the computer supports wireless display is mainly determined by whether the computer supports the miracast protocol, which is a wireless display standard based on WiFi direct connection developed by the WiFi alliance in 2012. Here are two ways to check whether your computer supports miracast

Method 1

First of all, or through the ”win + R key” to open the running window, and then input dxdiag.exe ;
Then, we wait for the detection of DirectX diagnostic tool to finish, and then click save all information;

Method 2

First of all, we need to open the “CMD command window”, win + R to open “run” and input CMD;
Next, we type “Netsh WLAN show driver” and press enter to see if the computer supports miracast.

Finally, when we choose the save path, we will find a path called“ DxDiag.txt ””Available, with HDCP” indicates that the function of miracast is supported, while the display of “not available” indicates that it does not support.