How to choose wireless display

Now the wireless display has been more and more widely used in business meetings, education, exhibition and other industries, which is mainly due to the convenience and practicability of the wireless display, but there are good and bad wireless display on the market, and the focus is also different. What should we pay attention to when we choose the wireless display?

How to choose wireless display

1、 How about the effect of display?

No matter the individual or the company, the first requirement for display is naturally the actual effect, mainly reflected in whether the projection is clear and whether the display delay is serious. Taking Bijie meeting box as an example, we support 4K video output resolution, and the display delay is also controlled within 200ms.

2、 Whether the connection is complex?

One of the selling points of the wireless display is that it is convenient and fast. The Bijie meeting box doesn’t need to install any software. From connecting the device to starting the display, it can be easily done in about 10 seconds.

3、 Product compatibility

At present, the mainstream display technologies include miracast, Airplay, DLNA and WiDi. Hardware devices include mobile phone, laptop, TV and Pad. When we choose the display devices, we naturally choose the devices with the strongest compatibility. The Bijie meeting box is fully compatible. Whether it is mobile phone, TV, computer or Pad, we can easily display.

4、Whether it is easy to manage?

How to choose wireless display

Wireless display is widely used in business meetings. Meetings need to manage multiple devices at the same time. We need a simple and clear device in the management operation. Bijie meeting box supports four-way wireless display, multi screen interaction and wireless broadcasting, and Android, apple and windows intelligent devices can be displayed at will, and provides centralized management of devices.

5、 Brand

The most important thing to buy products is brand. Brand determines reputation. To a certain extent, brand is the guarantee of quality. Bijie is a leading provider of intelligent office, intelligent education products and solutions for enterprises. Bijie networks is committed to producing and providing wireless display, multi screen interaction and rich intelligent office, intelligent education products.