How to combine video conference, wireless projection and video conference? When the traditional

conference system encounters the scene of foreign personnel demonstrating computer materials, it usually needs the foreign personnel’s computer to connect the local display screen through wired connection to display the content on the foreign personnel’s computer screen on the local display screen. Most of these traditional methods are inconvenient.

on the one hand, the wired connection is easily affected by the site. On the other hand, if there are remote personnel who need to attend the meeting, they can’t see the screen content shared by outsiders. Of course, the conference system can also be opened or connected to the company’s internal conference system from the outsider’s computer. The premise is that the outsider’s computer needs to join the company’s network and run the conference system software, which has many inconveniences and network security problems. The docking of


Bijie multi screen cooperation equipment with video conference mainly solves the above two problems. One is inconvenient for foreign visitors to demonstrate, while the other is connected with the company’s video conference system.

first of all: whether it is the wireless sharing screen projection of internal personnel or the screen projection of visitors, it can be carried out quickly without restriction on the system and equipment.

1. Connect the wireless projector receiving box with the display screen in the conference room;

2. Then the rapid screen projection of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers.

Android phones and tablets can use their own wireless screen projection, or download the screen projection software as the sender; Apple mobile phone and flat panel support conduct screen projection demonstration through screen image; Insert the USB button into the laptop screen.

then: docking with video conference room system

Bijie multi screen cooperation equipment has countless docking cases with various video conference systems. The scheme is mature, and different equipment can be selected according to the actual situation.