Sony’s previous inventory machines did not support airplay. So how do you display your iPhone on a Sony TV?
In this case, is there no way to display the contents of mobile phones to Sony TV? Of course not. We can use a third-party tool to display the iPhone onto a Sony TV.

1.  Display through app

Downloads the common video playing software [aiyiqi, LETV, Tencent, mango] in dangbei market. After making sure that the mobile phone and TV are connected to the same LAN, open the [corresponding app], click the “TV” logo in the upper right corner of the playback interface, search for the device, and select the TV device to display.

2. Display through BiJie interactive box

Connect the wireless display with Sony TV through HDMI cable;

iPhone screen mirror display, the mobile phone is connected to the WiFi of the wireless display box, and then the iPhone opens the screen image and searches for the ID of the wireless display box. At this time, the iPhone screen appears on the TV.

Bijie wireless display SDK is a complete set of wireless display, multi screen interactive application development kit, including the transmitter and receiver SDK, compatible with airplay, miracast, widi, BJcast (self-developed) display protocol, and can adapt to IOS, Android, windows, Mac OS And Linux system equipment, provide customizable development interface and perfect technical documents and demo, convenient for third-party partners to integrate.