Today’s smart TVs are basically equipped with wireless screen projection function. Mobile phones and computers are very convenient for display. However, some users’ homes are still old TVs. Can ordinary LCD TVs display?

Can ordinary LCD TV display? Use the wireless display equipment of BiJie, because the receiving box of wireless display screen is connected through HDMI cable or VGA cable. No matter what kind of LCD TV is, as long as HDMI / VGA interface is available.

When a mobile phone or a Pad is displayed to a LCD TV, Android phones choose multi screen interaction to connect the wireless display box to complete the  display; Apple mobile phones use the screen image to connect the wireless display box to complete the display; in addition, some mobile phone app’s own display [TV] logo can also be connected with the wireless display box of BiJie.

When a laptop or a computer displays LCD TV, you can select the USB button [or select app] as the sending end. Once the USB button is plugged in, you can press the button to achieve one key display and fast screen display operation! The app only needs to double-click the driver.