How to display on Non-smart TV?

How to display on Non-smart TV

1. Connect Bijie meeting box with HDMI cable

2. Mobile phone, Pad, computer, etc. are connected to the WIFI of the same router

Display Android mobile phone, Pad on non-smart TV

1. Android mobile phones and Pads connect to Bijie meeting box through their own [wireless display] for displaying (miracast protocol)

2. Android mobile phone, Pad download matched app for displaying; Apple mobile phone, iPad, macbook display on non-smart TV;

Apple mobile phone,iPad and MacBook are connected to the Bijie meeting box through their own airplay screen image for displaying (airplay protocol);

Display Windows on non-smart TV

For local video on Windows computer, right click – play to device – select Bijie meeting box to display (DLNA protocol);
Download and install the supporting app on Windows computer for displaying;

Display online video on non-smart TV

Whether it is a mobile phone, Pad, computer or notebook, open the video app, click the [TV] or [DLNA] icon on the video playing interface, select the Bijie meeting box for displaying(DLNA protocol).

Bijie meeting box manual & operation video