First of all, you need to set the screen projection, such as mobile phone, computer and TV in the same network. You can use the BiJie display software in sharp TV application to realize wireless screen projection.

If you connect TV with laptop, turn on the Bijie projection software installed on the computer, such as the computer version of the bidet projection screen. After opening the Bijie projection screen, the software will automatically search for online TV sets that can be projected on the screen. Click the projection computer to realize wireless connection.

If you connect TV with phone, the mobile phone and the TV are connected in the same WiFi. If the TV is installed with the BiJie projection screen, the apple mobile phone can connect to the TV by clicking the screen image. The Android mobile phone downloads the Bijie mobile phone version and turns on the mirror switch to realize the same functions as the apple mobile phone. In addition, it also has the functions of music projection and network video projection, which can be realized by opening the application.