How to display the content of your mobile phone or computer to your TV to enjoy a pleasure experience, here we offer a wireless method to solve the problem.


You just need to download BJCast, and the BJCast has the following features

Wireless Display Protocols:
BJCast supports a variety of wireless transmission protocol AirPlay / Google Cast / DLNA /      BJCast

Multiple Operating Systems:
BJCast supports iOS 6·7·8·9·10·11·12·13 / macOS / Windows XP·8·10 / Android / Linux, BiJie can be compatible with mainstream operating systems

Multiple Applications:
BJCast supports iTunes / YouTube / Safari / Chrome / Netflix / Hulu More

Encrypted transmission:
BJCast is transmitted over the network when your personal photos and videos (AirPlay) using encrypted transmission

More advantages:
Video hardware acceleration (improve the efficiency of 40% shows), high-resolution images (4K), background service mode, set personalization features such as device names.