How to display the screen from Apple iPad to macbook computer

The iPad projection to computer is the same as the iPhone projection to computer, the device’s built-in Airplay screen mirroring feature. Today Xiaobian with you to introduce the Apple iPad screen with Mac and Windows computer on the screen of two methods.

Prerequisites for wireless screen projection: in the same LAN environment.

Apple iPad screen Mac computer

Use Apple’s Airserver software, which is downloaded from the Internet and installed on a mac.

First, you need to install the Airserver software on the mac terminal and start it. The specific page will not appear, but the Airserver icon will appear in the navigation bar.

Then open the “Control Center” on Apple iPad, and you can see the “screen image”. After clicking, the mac device that can be connected will appear. After clicking, the connection will be successful.

Finally, you can see the iPad screen on your computer.