With most companies now using higher-resolution displays such as 4K projectors and flat panel displays in their meeting rooms and collaboration spaces, you need a professional wireless presentation solution to handle those requirements.

There are a few popular screen mirroring protocols out there: Windows Miracast, Apple AirPlay and Google Cast. However, most large business environments demand a wireless presentation solution that has professional-grade Miracast native on it. With an enterprise-designed Miracast device like the BJ62S, you can confidently screen mirror 4K content to any conference room display from and get the high-definition 4K quality you need.

Commercial-grade Miracast for Your 4K Setup

BiJie has worked closely with Microsoft to co-engineer wireless display and Miracast allows you to streamline connecting work devices to your conference room display. All you have to do is click on the option to wirelessly connect the BJ62S receiver from your mobile device to the room display. It’s an instant connection from anywhere in the room.


The commercial-grade wireless display used by BiJie is set apart from the other screen mirroring standards because it doesn’t rely on an existing network or need a wireless access point. The  Miracast on the BJ62S allows heavy video traffic to be moved off your corporate network, eliminating slow connections, image pixilation, video lag and other technical issues. It also provides secure guest connections on a separate network. This way, your IT professionals can keep security intact and your meetings continue on seamlessly between presenters and varying devices.



Getting set up is easy and you do not need to replace any of your current devices or equipment to set up BJ62S in a conference room or office.

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