How to easily implement wireless projection on ipad tablet computer

With the rise of wireless projection screen and multi-screen interaction, tablet projection screen has become a new favorite in meeting rooms. Tomorrow is the traditional Dragon Boat Festival, but there are customers in the consultation tablet computer how to wireless projection screen to the big screen, so the small make up to share with you.

User requirements:

The user is a teacher, his needs are relatively simple, is in a number of tablet wireless screen to the big screen at the same time, the big screen can control the tablet computer, to achieve walking teaching.

Tablet ipad wireless projection tutorial – connection

In the same LAN environment:

  1. Connect the Bijie interactive box to the TV through HDMI cable;

2, open the mobile tablet wireless projection function, Android is wireless projection or multi-screen interaction, Apple ipad is Airplay screen mirroring;

  1. Select the ID of the Bijie Interactive wireless projection box and click Connect.

User screen effect:

After the wireless screen projection, the screen of the tablet and the big screen can be displayed synchronously. If the big screen supports handwriting function, the user can operate directly on the tablet and the big screen, so as to achieve the synchronization between the big screen and the tablet screen, so as to meet the teacher’s walking teaching requirements.