How to Make the Most of Wireless Presentation

The right wireless presentation is great for your business only if it checks all these boxes:

  • Creates a standards-based wireless connection between the source device and the room display or projector that doesn’t require an app or dongle.
  • Makes it effortless for users to connect. Users are more willing to use new technology when it’s easy to use.
  • Makes it easy for both employee and guest devices to connect simultaneously to guest and company networks without compromising security.
  • Provides a flawless wireless connection so users have a great experience.
  • Allows instant switching of presenters without interrupting the presentation.
  • Allows for IT teams to manage and configure devices remotely over the network instead of manually troubleshooting on-site.

Some of the best wireless presentation use cases are:

  • Boardrooms
  • Smart Classroom
  • Conference rooms
  • Huddle rooms
  • Lecture halls
  • Meeting rooms
  • Stand up meetings
  • Training rooms
  • Office communication
    (note: BiJie includes integrated digital signage that can be used as a communication hub when displays are not in use)

Business and education facilities often have a dense wireless environment with multiple access points with employees trying to connect at once. Because of this congestion, you need a   wireless solution that is designed to cut through the noise and that works in the space you are in.