How to make win7 system notebook and Hisense TV wireless display in the same screen

Life free time, we used to use win7 system notebook search movies, TV series to see, enrich the free time. But some users feel that watching TV dramas on a laptop is not as big as a TV, because the screen is too small. Television has a screen, but computer content has limitations. In fact, we can let the win7 system notebook and TV wireless screen display, so that you can search under the big screen to watch TV series, kill two birds with one stone, want to try the user to look at the following setting method.

The specific methods are as follows:

  1. Use the Bijie Interactive Box

  2. No need to connect to any device or download any software

  3. Connect the Betjie interactive box to the TV first. Only one cable is needed

  4. Open the wireless screen projection function on the computer, search the ID of the interactive box of Bijie, and click the connection to project the screen TV on the win7 computer

Two, DLNA method

1, Windows system comes with DLNA technology, just need to open the laptop streaming media management function, you can send the video and picture in the laptop to the TV display.

The disadvantage is that you can only send videos and pictures. If the video size is large, the sending process will take a long time and there is a serious delay. Therefore, you are not advised to use it.

2, the latest thunder player, etc., all have DLNA function, can be played locally or its client online video to the TV.

Disadvantages: you can only play local videos and online videos on the client of this website. Other videos cannot be played. The above requirements must also be on the same LAN.

  1. Remote control Method

  2. Download TeamViewAPP from the Internet and install it in the TV box with a copy of the U disk. Plug in the mouse in the TV box; The same notebook installs the TeamView client.

  3. Open TeamView and enter TeamViewID and password or TeamView account and password

At this time, you can use the remote control method in the TV and laptop display on the same screen, no matter from the TV operating screen or laptop operating screen, and is not subject to the same LAN, as long as you can network can realize the synchronous display of the two.

Four, direct connection method

The use of VGA cable or HDMI cable, the laptop and the TV directly connected, both subject to the laptop interface, usually the laptop only VGA interface, can meet the need to synchronize the laptop picture to the TV.

But it also has a big disadvantage: first, only synchronize the picture without synchronizing the sound (if the sound needs to be connected separately); Two, the need to connect, subject to the distance is not beautiful.

The above several setting methods can let win7 system notebook and TV wireless screen display, so that you can watch TV under the big screen search, visual effects have become very good, hope to help you.