How to mirror an iPhone screen to a Samsung smart TV

Method 1: Lightning Digital AV Adapter and HDMI cable

To mirror an iPhone screen to a Samsung smart TV, you can use the original Lightning digital AV adapter and HDMI cable, which uses an ARM chip and 256MB RAM. For this case, you can get a 900P maximum resolution for short HD. Compared to AirPlay or other online screenshots, it should be a stable way to mirror the iPhone screen. To see the process in more detail, you can set up your iPhone and Samsung Smart HDTV, as shown below.

Step 1. Connect the lightning port to the lightning port on an iPhone or other iOS device. You can then connect the HDMI end to the HDMI cable that connects to the Samsung Smart TV.

Step 2. Now you can slide the charger cable into the charger port of the adapter. Change the Samsung TV signal source and switch to the HDMI port where you can find the iPhone screen.

Step 3. Whether you need to play video files, photos or games, you can find the iPhone screen image on the Samsung Smart TV. But there are some limitations; For example, you have to preview the iPhone screen in the front.

Method 2: Samsung Smart TV mirror with iMediaShare

Many iPhone users are confused about how to mirror the iPhone screen to a Samsung smart TV. You may not be able to download some apps for your Samsung Smart TV to mirror your iPhone screen. Also, you can’t use Airplay with Apple technology. But you can use iMediaShare to mirror your iPhone screen to other smart TVS. iMediaShare is the software that enables your iPhone to wirelessly connect to any smart TV.

If you don’t know how to mirror your iPhone screen to a smart TV, or if you don’t know to choose the best third-party tool to do the job, iMediaShare is highly recommended. You can read the following steps to learn more about this software.

Step 1. Download and start iMediashare

The first step to mirroring your iPhone screen is to go to the App Store and download iMediaShare. Once fully downloaded, you can tap the iMeidaShare app icon from the screen of your iPhone. The software will then discover all the digital videos you have stored on your phone, which are available on your home PC or from the Internet. The process is very short, taking only a few seconds.

Step 2. Select a TV channel

After the scanning process is over, everything will be displayed in a special category of channels. If desired, you can choose one of these channels as desired and provide your screen with a full list of videos, music or photos. You can also swipe up and down or switch between categories at the bottom to quickly navigate to the options you want to stream to your smart TV.

Step 3. Mirror your iPhone screen to your Samsung Smart TV

iMediaShare will automatically discover all the powerful media players in your home and guess which media player you will decide to use or iPhone screen mirroring on your smart TV. In just a few moments, you can enjoy high-definition video on the big screen of your smart TV.